Why I Don't Keep Permanent Markers In My Home

I have always lived alone, so the idea of restricting what I buy had never occurred to me until recently.

I got into a relationship with a single mother, and she sometimes has to bring her kids over when she comes by. Since they were never here for very long, I didn't think too hard about childproofing the house or anything of the sort.

My coffee table and walls have been damaged as a result, and there is no way I can fix them.

The last time my girlfriend visited I put the children in the living room and put on a DVD. They were pretty quiet, but I thought it was because they were enjoying the movie.

After trying to convince my girlfriend they didn't need to be checked on, I finally walked in to see how they were. I screamed when I saw permanent marker writing all over my walls and table.

That was why they were so quiet. My girlfriend has offered to replace the items, but I am a bit wary of allowing her to take on such a huge expense. I think I will either find some miracle way to remove the marker, or pay for replacements myself.

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